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Comfort Wave Pillow

Sleep Essence

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Wave pillow accommodates individual shapes, sizes, and preferences. The design is highly recommended by the medical profession to cradle and support the head taking the pressure of the neck and offer correct spinal alignment.

The ultimate shape for all types of sleepers.

The bonus of anti-bacterial charcoal-infused memory foam maintains a high level of hygiene.

Anti-bacterial, dust mite resistant, anti-mildew, and made from hypoallergenic and non-carcinogenic materials.

Leaves Wharehourse in 3-5 days



24" x 16" x 4"/5"  (24 x 16 x 10/12cm)

Materials and care

Charcoal infused memory foam 

Bamboo cover

Country of Origin

All our products have been thoroughly researched and developed in Australia by Australians

Product has been manufactured in China in carefully selected factories with strict quality control using environmentally friendly sourced materials where possible.

Sleep Essence Wave Pillow

A Super comfortable shaped memory foam pillow with outstanding support benefits.

Wave pillow suits all types of sleepers (back, side or tummy) but is particularly beneficial to anyone with neck or shoulder issues. It offers maximum neck and shoulder support. It provides firm contoured support which restores the natural curve of the neck as well. 

With the top half being high and the lower half being lower it serves all shapes and sizes with the support needed.

30 Day at Home Trial

Sleep Essence Wave Pillow is the best you can buy. It not only supports your neck but also relaxes your muscles at the same time. The specific "wave" design offers the ultimate comfort and sits in the curve of your neck with complete ease.

This pillow provides a fantastic feel against your skin and is truly a unique product for you. 

If you don't agree you can return it within 30 days and get a full refund.

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