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Fostering a sense of nurturing and calmness


Today’s society and way of living promotes stress levels for all of us far beyond that of previous years. Coupled with other diagnosed ailments it`s no wonder mental health issues are one of the fastest growing problems seen by health professionals today.


For many people weighted blankets have become a routine part of their daily management of stress relief, anxiety and healthy sleep habits. Research (see studies below) suggests weighted blankets may benefit those suffering anxiety, autism, insomnia, ADHD, PTSD, muscular pain as well as other conditions and all without medication!


How does it work?

Remember that feeling of safety and security of a big hug when you were a child? A weighted blanket uses the science of Deep Touch Pressure Stimulation. Studies have shown the real benefits of gentle pressure throughout the body, relaxing the nervous system, increasing serotonin levels for increased mood levels and relaxation together with an increase in Melatonin providing a more consistent sleep quality.


Promote a feeling of wellness and Calming

When to use it

The simple answer is whenever you want! Ideal on the bed for a great night`s sleep but versatile enough to use whenever you feel overwhelmed, stressed or anxious. Simply wrap yourself up, snuggle into the luxurious and comforting feeling, and let the blanket do its magic, day or night.

Who should use it

 Basically - anyone. Even without a medical condition who doesn’t like the security and feeling of a great big hug? BIGGER benefits may be achieved with those suffering from:-

  • Broken Sleep
  • Stress and anxiety
  • Depression
  • Autism
  • ADHD
  • Sensory needs
  • PTSD
  • Restless Legs
  • Parkinsons



Weight and Size

Weighted blankets vary in weight and size. Best results are achieved when using a blanket for individual use and weight being approximately 10% of the body weight. As a rule of thumb, the following may be used as a guide:-

 Body Weight Blanket Weight
70kg or 7kg
70kg – 90kg 9kg
90kg or more 11kg
Children (10-15) 4.5kg


Take note though that a weighted blanket works due to its weight. Going lighter than the 10 percent guideline will not make your weighted blanket beneficial as a therapy blanket.

Your weighted blanket should exactly fit your body size or your bed size. Buying a weighted blanket in the full size while sleeping in a single bed will have your weighted blanket sliding onto the floor.


Used for many years in therapy and psychiatric clinics to alleviate symptoms of autism, acute anxiety and ADHD on children and adults.



Don`t be fooled

There are many cheap alternatives out there in the marketplace and as with most products; you get what you pay for!

Glass beads for weight are a must (avoid sand, plastic pellets, steel balls and rice) quality of stitching is essential for longevity and cheap fabrics that do not “breathe” lead to overheating (Minky fabric is cheap, durable and soft but is super warm and not really suitable, for Australian climate other than winter)


Start feeling and sleeping better today


One of the symptoms of autism, especially in children, is trouble sleeping. In a crossover study from 2014, researchers investigated the effectiveness of weighted blankets for sleep issues related to autism. The results found there was little improvement in sleep scores from the use of the weighted blanket.

However, both the children and their parents noted they liked the weighted blanket more, despite the lack of improvement. This is supported by a smaller research studyTrusted Source that found the positive benefits of deep pressure therapy in some people with autism. These benefits may extend to weighted blankets as well.


There are very few studies that examine the use of weighted blankets for ADHD, but a similar study was performed using weighted vests. In this study, researchers explain that weighted vests have been used in ADHD therapy to improve attention and reduce hyperactive movements.

The study found promising results for participants who used the weighted vest during a continuous performance test. These participants experienced reductions in falling off task, leaving their seat, and fidgeting.

In addition, further research Trusted Source supports that a weighted ball blanket also has benefits for sleep issues related to ADHD.


One of the primary uses of a weighted blanket is for the treatment of anxiety. Past research has shown that deep pressure stimulation can help reduce autonomic arousal. This arousal is responsible for the symptoms of anxiety, such as increased heart rate.

  • In the study above, the researchers found that using a weighted blanket reduced anxiety in roughly 33 percent of the 32 participants.
  • The researchers also explain that for some of the study participants, lying down may also have helped reduce anxiety. This suggests that using a weighted blanket while lying down may further help reduce anxiety symptoms.

Insomnia and sleep disorders

In the 2014 crossover study on autism and weighted blankets, both the parents and children felt the weighted blankets were beneficial in reducing sleep issues.

  • In the ADHD studyTrusted Sourceusing ball blankets, the weighted blanket helped reduce sleep onset time and number of night-time awakenings in study participants.
  • These study results suggest an overall benefit of using weighted blankets to treat sleep disorders.


There are no research studies on the use of weighted blankets for osteoarthritis. However, one sTrusted SourcetudyTrusted Source utilizing massage therapy may provide a link.

In this small study, 18 participants with osteoarthritis received massage therapy on their knee for 8 weeks. Study participants noted the massage therapy helped reduce knee pain and improve their quality of life.

Massage therapy applies deep pressure to osteoarthritic joints, so it’s possible that similar benefits may be experienced when using a weighted blanket.

Chronic pain

One of the recommended at-home treatments for chronic pain is massage therapy.

In one small studyTrusted Source, researchers found that starting with light pressure, later gradually increasing to moderate pressure, and then using deep pressure during massage therapy may reduce pain reflexes in those with chronic pain conditions.

This indicates the extra pressure of a weighted blanket may help keep the legs in place and reduce feelings of pain in chronic pain conditions.

Weighted blankets are not recommended for children under six years old.

Elderly or infirm need to be able to lift the weight of the blanket.

Do not use the blanket near open flames.

If it rips or starts leaking the Glass beads, please dispose of immediately.

Always consult your health professional if you are unsure about your individual health conditions particularly if serious in nature

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