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In case you did not know it – Australia is very different from any other country. Diverse landscape, weather conditions, time zones, culture and individual physique. We are the land of plenty. We understand that and all our products are designed to take account of as many of these variations as possible.

There is no such thing as a standard pillow because there is no such thing as standard person!

Even though we have carefully designed our pillow range – we could narrow it down to one design alone so we offer a choice of the two best pillow you can buy in Australia.

We are so confident you will love any of our pillows we offer a full 30 days trial for you to try the pillow at home. If you are not delighted with the pillow you can return it for an exchange of another pillow or simply get refunded in full.

Steve – The comfort cool pillow for me does the trick. I am a hot sleeper and living in QLD demands something “extra” to get good night’s sleep.

Marc – Comfort cool all the way. I have never slept better or cooler

Valerie – I just love the comfort plus pillow – perfect for my build and very easy on the neck

Kevin – Comfort plus

Nick – Hands down the

For many years, buying a pillow involved very few choices. There was no real design, thought or technology went into making one. New manufacturing techniques and materials have changed all that and pillows can be made from a multitude of materials and various shapes. We have spent months researching with health professionals and factories to bring high quality innovative materials specific for the Australian climate

Our superior weighted blankets have been designed, tested and developed in Australia

We use a carefully selected factory in China to produce our blankets to the highest standard.

As with all Sleep Essence products, our manufacturers must have strict quality control procedures in place and source high quality as well as environmentally friendly materials wherever possible.

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