Infrared Blankets

Detoxify your mind and body

Infrared heat penetrates deeper than conventional sauna heat, reaching right into the muscles and the fat. This draws out the toxins stored in the fat through the skin far more effectively. With little else to do but focus on relaxation and letting the blanket do its magic your mood levels increase accordingly. (There is of course a science behind this – infrared blankets have been proven to reduce circulation cortisol – the stress hormone!)

Improve Circulation

The infrared heat causes the blood vessels to dilate which then promotes better circulation throughout the body. Better circulation = Better health.

Ease aching joints and muscles

Sauna blankets offer relief from sore muscles and aching joints. Like an all over heat pad the deep soothing heat penetrates through the skin releasing tight muscles and reduces inflammation around the joints.

Burn up to 600 calories per session

Just lying down and relaxing burns up to 600 calories per session. A study at Binghampton University found that on average participants who spent a 45-minute session three times a week lost FOUR percent of body fat in 16 weeks. Using it as part of a healthy diet and exercise will certainly see a remarkable difference in weight loss.

Improves Sleep

Enjoy a session a couple of hours before going to bed and sleep like a baby. Drifting off to a deep sleep releases additional hormones boosting mood levels and waking more refreshed and relaxed.

In summary, the health benefits include-

  • Detoxifies the body
  • Burns Calories
  • Increases several types of immune cells in the short term and longer term
  • Elevates mood
  • Improves stress, anxiety and depression (lowers levels of cortisol)
  • Reduces the incidence of colds and flu
  • Improves quality of sleep when used a couple of hours before bed

All at your own time, in your own home and no ongoing fees!

Get prepared.

  1. The blanket gets quite hot in parts and you will sweat quite a lot so put your trackies on, a long sleeved top and socks. (Pyjamas and socks will do)
  2. Hydrate yourself prior to getting in the blanket with a drink of water
  3. Lay out the blanket on a firm surface (a bed is ideal)
  4. Turn the blanket on to pre heat for 10 minutes before getting in
  5. Have a towel ready for the back of your head
  6. Decide if you are going to meditate or perhaps get some tunes ready with a headset
  7. Set your heat level and timer. Climb in (Start with mini sessions (5 minutes) and work up from there. Maximum recommended time is 45 minutes. Best results obtained by using three times per week.

When the timer finishes

  1. Turn off the blanket and unplug the cord from the socket
  2. Take a cool shower.
  3. Rehydrate with another glass of water (also helps to flush out toxins)
  4. After the blanket has cooled down flatten it out, mop up any surplus sweat and wipe with an anti bacterial solution and cloth

Read and follow the instructions that come with blanket

Do not use the infrared blanket if you have the following symptoms:-

Low blood pressure

Kidney Disease

Weak or compromised immune system

Recovering from surgery

Unhealed wounds

Cardio vascular disease



Under the influence of alcohol

Feeling dizzy prior to a session with the blanket


These are general guidelines only and do not encompass all health issues that may prohibit the use of an infrared blanket. Please consult your health professional for the correct advice.

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Be sure to fully clean all internal surface with anti bacterial solution after every use

The blanket can be folded and stored after use

Our superior weighted blankets have been designed, tested and developed in Australia.

We use a carefully selected factory in China to produce our blankets to the highest standard.

As with all Sleep Essence products, our manufacturers must have strict quality control procedures in place and source high quality as well as environmentally friendly materials wherever possible.

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