Adjustable Beds

The Best Value for Money Adjustable Bed in Australia GUARANTEED




  • Instant Positional Relief is achieved with the bed having over 1,000 positions to assist with finding the “sweet spot” to ease pressure from aching joints.
  • Reduce Bed Sores
  • Sleeping with the head raised may help with Gastric reflux and breathing difficulties
  • Sleeping with the legs raised may help with fluid retention especially when used in conjunction with the massage feature
  • The massage function may assist with relieving Arthritic pain, poor circulation and sore muscles
  • Overall – get a longer and less disturbed sleep allowing the body to recover and feel more relaxed and refreshed the next morning.
The sheer luxury of a great night's sleep makes the day worthwile!

    All Hospitals have spent Billions of dollars converting all their beds to fully Adjustable Beds. The health profession know they are the best for recovery and a great night’s sleep





    We only sleep on a flat bed because that`s all we have ever known. The bed would have been invented hundreds of years ago when there was no electricity and no engineering. For these hundreds of years, we have slept in a most unnatural and uncomfortable position which is why we sleep on our sides, bring our knees up, and end up tossing and turning all night because we are restricting blood flow by pressing our weight on the arteries and veins.

    The introduction of adjustable beds has helped to alleviate all that. Sleeping on our backs in an elevated position (almost impossible on a flat bed) is the modern approach to a better and healthier sleep allowing the body to recover from the battering of daily life


    • Over 1,000 positions for instant positional pain relief
    • Strong reliable German OKIN Motors
    • Wall Hugging Feature (Means you can always still reach bedside cabinet)
    • Dual-zone vibrational massage to improve circulation
    • Timer control for the massage
    • Variable intensity and style of massage
    • Independent control of head and leg positions
    • Wireless remote
    • Programmable buttons to memorize your favourite positions
    • USB charging points on either side of the bed
    • Underbed lighting to assist rest room breaks without main light
    • Battery back up
    • Bluetooth control (control your bed from phone or tablet)
    • Lifetime Warranty of the frame
    • 10 year warranty on the electrics


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