Perfect Slumber Dream Classic Mattress

A good quality mattress is the most important piece of furniture in the house but often the most neglected. We spend around one-third of our lives sleeping on a mattress and long-term health is directly affected by the quality of sleep.

Sleep Essence Mattress will make you feel relaxed and ready to take on the day. 

Forget the marketing hype surrounding mattresses and buy the mattress of choice by health professionals.

Mattress Research

Shop the ultimate Sleep Essence Mattress!

We spent months researching the best style and firmness of mattresses. We considered:-

    Inner Sprung or Foam or Hybrid (A mix of the two)



    Material choice


    Value for money

We consulted Surgeons, Chiropractors, and Doctors for advice and spent countless nights trying different mattresses. We tested for comfort, smell, and most of all quality of sleep.

Sleep Essence Classic Mattress

By quite some margin the mattress that was well ahead of any other mattress we tried was a simple medium firm memory foam mattress.

A supportive layer of foam underneath a layer of memory firm provided all the benefits we were looking for:-

  • Gave great postural support and corrective spinal alignment.

  • Proven longevity (Does not collapse over time).

  • Comfortable and restful offering the deepest of sleep.

  • Can be manufactured at great value for money.

Sleep Essence Multi Zone Mattress

In 2021 we are delighted to introduce the multi-zone mattress.

Whilst still a medium foam mattress there are zones that have more give in them allowing for a "softer feel" whilst still being highly supportive.

When comfort is your priority, buy an adjustable bed mattress. Make sure to have an extra cozy bedroom with a sleep essence mattress.

With 5-star reviews, we recommend the perfect multi-zone mattress for a good night's sleep. Get yours now!

Improved bed hygiene

Inner sprung mattresses or mattresses with sealed covers can increase their weight by 50%. These mattresses are perfect breeding grounds for dust mites and other parasites.

100% breathable, washable, recyclable.  

All our mattresses have the following additional qualities:-

Dust mite resistant

Hypo-Allergenic (Great for Asthmatics)

Mildew resistant

Zip removable cover (Can be machine washed)

Made from non carcinogenic materials

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100 day trial - nothing to lose

Even going to a mattress store and lying on different mattresses does not guarantee it will feel the same. By the time you are on the third or fourth mattress, you will have forgotten how the first one felt! Then you may have a salesperson directing you to a mattress of their choice, usually more expensive. 

We feel you deserve better and we offer a full 100 day trial of the mattress. If it does not suit you - just return it for a full refund no quibble.

  • Sleep Essence Classic Mattress

    Affordable mattress features support and...

    From $900.00

  • Multi Zone Mattress

    Multi Zone Mattress comfort adapts...

    From $850.00

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